I just finished designing a poster for my newest Starflake novel “Starflake rides with the Galactic Bikers”. In the story a rogue gang of the Deep Space Rangers on a dangerous mission recruit Starflake, who can live in space without any life support. They all ride hand-made rocket cycles, put together from parts of their wrecked starship.


It’s easy to write about a rocket cycle but more difficult to photograph one, since they don’t exist. I decided to build one. I started with a toy motorcycle and removed the wheels. I added some parts, which includes the plastic rocket nose cone and then repainted it. Finally I pasted on decals and mini-skulls and I was done. Now I photographed the model, added the actors, ALICIA SAGE played Starflake and TROY WILLIAMS played all of the other bikers. This gave me the cover of the book. I used the book cover for the poster and added the copy suggested by my partner NIKOMA DeMITRO.

Galactic Bikers Poster 2 copy (1)


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