I am a huge JENNIFER LAWRENCE fan, ever since I saw her performance in the brilliant movie “Winter’s Bone” about the rural life in the Appalachian Mountains. I remember saying to myself, who is this incredible young actor and how did she get so good? So, I decided to pick up her latest movie, “Joy” because she was in it and because I had hit a business crisis and needed some inspiration. The movie is about real life entrepreneur, JOY MANGANO, and her efforts to bring her inventions into the public eye.

Jennifer Lawrence

At first I found the movie chaotic and loaded with odd relationships and I thought, oh God, I rented a “chick flick”. This movie needs an ARNOLD SWARTZENEGGER or BRUCE WILLIS to save it. Instead I got BRADLEY COOPER. It worked. COOPER brought focus to the movie and from here on I could not look away. It was everything I had hoped for when I first rented the movie, struggle, success, betrayal, failure and then rebirth from the ashes of the Phoenix. It’s a shame LAWRENCE and COOPER have never worked together before, oh wait, they have in “American Hustle” and in her Academy Award® winning performance “Silver Linings Playbook”. By the way, BRADLEY COOPER is my second favorite new actor.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence


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