Bridge to Terabithia: An Adult Children’s Fantasy

The title of this blog appears to be an oxymoron, like “Military Intelligence” or “Jumbo Shrimp”, I mean, really, “Adult Children’s Fantasy”, but it is a fantasy made specifically with adults in mind. Please ignore the cutesy “WALT DISNEY” banner and think TIM BURTON.


Jesse is a boy who hates his life. He is constantly being mocked by his sisters, bullied at school and not understood by his parents. Out of desperation, he forms a friendship with a pretty, imaginative, young, new girl, Leslie Burke. Together they create a fantasy world in the woods just beyond the river. Ho, hum, time to turn this lovely fantasy off before we end up in Narnia or Neverland. Then suddenly, tragedy strikes and we are astonished because this charming little fantasy has taken an unexpected turn. From this point on, the movie is for adults and mature children.


Besides the delightful juvenile leads, some very fine adult performers, ROBERT PATRICK and ZOOEY DESHANEL, support them. A sad and wonderful movie, it should be seen by children and adults alike. Questions will be raised, if you are an adult, be prepared.



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