When my little girl, JAYMEE, was in her early years, she became obsessed with rainbows. We had a wooden rainbow picture over her bed and all of her pets, geckoes and salamanders, were named Rainbow Bright.

One day she told me she realized there were no such things as rainbows. We lived in Flushing, New York where a view of the sky was about the size of a postage stamp. I tried to tell her that rainbows were real, but she just nodded, with the acceptance of a kid who had accepted the ridiculous fantasy of Santa Claus.

Two years later we moved to Palmdale, California, so I could pursue my career as an animator for the Disney Studios. My family and I, settled in the desert community of Palmdale. One day, while driving to my home in Palmdale, I saw the biggest rainbow I had ever seen, stretching from Los Angeles to my home in Palmdale. I gunned my car and raced inside my home where my daughter was playing with her dolls. I asked her, and my wife, to come outside so I could show them the most gigantic rainbow bridge anyone had ever seen since the “Wizard of Oz”. Every color was bright and clear from red to green and my daughter’s mouth dropped wide open.

Years later, when she was in her teens, she would call me to report about her latest witness of a rainbow, giving me the location according to the cross streets and height and coloring. Rainbows had become a real part of her life.




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