A Wall of Privacy

I once wrote a story called “A Wall of Privacy” published in issue #32 of “Creepy” magazine, illustrated by my friend ERNIE COLON. The story takes place in a dystopian future where no one has any privacy because of these flying eyes forever spying on its citizens. Our protagonist hears about a wall near his home where there is a privacy zone on the other side. Flying eyes have been forbidden there.
Creepy _32
When I wrote the story, the situation seemed farfetched. Think about it, a world with flying eyes everywhere? Ridiculous. But now we have tiny flying drones and they’re getting smaller all the time and they have cameras in them. At the moment they are for hobbyists and filmmakers, but how long will it take for the police, the military and the government to find a practical use for them? At first, I’m sure, they will be used to fight crime and spy on advancing enemy soldiers but how soon before they will be used to spy on citizens under the umbrella of preventing future crimes because, if you’ve nothing to hide why should you care if the government knows what you are doing, EVERYTHING you are doing?
I am beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but, actually, it is my duty as a science fiction writer, to make people away of possibilities and this is certainly a possibility. GEORGE ORWELL predicted such a future would exist by 1984. He was wrong. Maybe I’m wrong as well. Do you think so?

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